Twistedly Beautiful

The first time I saw these trees was in 2013 on a trip to Santa Monica; specifically Palisades Park.  They have a few names.  I like the name Showy Honey Myrtle the best.  I like it much more than its other names; Pink Melaleuca or Australian Tea Tree.  They are showy that is for sure.  Each one is so distinctively different and intricate in the pattern of its trunk.  If you look closely, they each tell a story. The story may be different to each person, but there is a story none the less.

These are their stories as told to me.

I am magnificent.. This much I know.

Eyes upon you. Eyes of which I have but many. Look, look deep into my soul. Gaze upon me. I welcome you.

Pod of the Showy Honey Myrtle

Flower of the Showy Honey Myrtle

I open my arms to present to you, the Santa Monica Mountains

The trunk, is it a painting? Not quite real? If I had not taken the photo I would think it a painting.

Come , sit upon my couch.  Relax for a bit, enjoy the surroundings.

I sit, creating for you a window. What will you see today?

I appear. Seemingly from nowhere.

Reaching to infinity.

I must keep you at bay so that I can come back stronger and more magnificent.

How many of us are there? Follow, and perhaps you will know.

I meander. I keep growing. I continue on my journey. Where will my journey end?

I sit. High Above. I keep watch.

Perhaps I belong to the Emerald Forest?

River of flowing trunks.

True, I have seen better days, and yet, I survive.

Go ahead. Crowd me if you will. I will remain. There is room for us both.

You can sever my limbs yet I will continue to be.

A window to the early morning light

The day’s light recedes

Window to the setting of another sun

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