Random Views at Home

2016 Fall Color Photos




Yup, that’s a corn field you are seeing in the ‘front yard’. A portion is planted as corn or beans on alternating years.


Random property shots out back in the Fall of 2016.  A little late in the season to get all the wild flowers, there are over 40 species, there are a few here and there. Earlier in the year the fields are ablaze with color, despite my not being able to see it all. (I am color blind for those that don’t know)  The creek was very low as it tends to be the past several years.


Looking West across the property from near the road. We used to be able to see the Sharon, WI water tower before so many of the trees matured.


Coming back down the path that leads across the creek and into the backyard. I have always loved Willow trees. There is one on each side of the path that were planted by my dad in 1987





The North flowing creek, Nipersink Creek



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