Twistedly Beautiful

The first time I saw these trees was in 2013 on a trip to Santa Monica; specifically Palisades Park.  They have a few names.  I like the name Showy Honey Myrtle the best.  I like it much more than its other names; Pink Melaleuca or Australian Tea Tree.  They are showy that is for sure.  … Continue reading Twistedly Beautiful

Random Views at Home

2016 Fall Color Photos Random property shots out back in the Fall of 2016.  A little late in the season to get all the wild flowers, there are over 40 species, there are a few here and there. Earlier in the year the fields are ablaze with color, despite my not being able to see … Continue reading Random Views at Home

Chapels of Old Montreal

Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours - One of the oldest churches in Montreal, it was built in 1771 over the ruins of an earlier chapel. St. Marguerite-Bourgeoys was the first teacher in the colony of Ville-Marie and the founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame.  In the 19th century the chapel became a pilgrimage site for sailors arriving … Continue reading Chapels of Old Montreal

Barrio Logan’s Chicano Park

While watching a show on the Travel Channel about San Diego several years ago, a segment covered many different sites to see in the City.  One that caught my interest was what was going on in the Barrio Logan Neighborhood. Murals. Murals everywhere under a bridge. The next shot showed some iconic Low Riders and … Continue reading Barrio Logan’s Chicano Park