The Food of Venice

While I unfortunately didn’t have much of an appetite while in Italy, I did sample a few dishes in each city. I still cannot figure out why I wasn’t hungry. That is normally a non-issue for me. I had been looking forward to all of the fantastic, fresh food I’d be eating in my 2 weeks in Italia, but sadly, it just didn’t happen. But that is just one of the many reason for me to return! And this time, with a HUGE appetite 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to find that every restaurant that I went to, the prices were very reasonable especially compared to what prices are here at home.  Plates were always filled with plenty of food.  I think that even if my appetite were normal, I would still be more than satisfied with an Antipasti and Primi Piatti or a Secondi Piatti.  Usually I ordered either a Primi or Secondi Piatti and it was more than enough food.

Italians don’t dine quite like we do.  It is a very relaxed affair, and as I already knew, you will not be rushed, the waiter will not be constantly asking if things are OK, do you need something else, and you pretty much have to beg to get your bill, and once you do, don’t expect it to come quickly.  So sit down, relax and plan on spending some time at your table when dining out in Italy. If you’re in a hurry, you will be better off stopping at a Trattoria or an Osteria rather than a Ristorante.

My favorite place to eat while in Venezia was Cantione Gia’ Schiavi in the Dorsoduro.  Their selection of freshly made cicchetti is fabulous.  The place was always full of locals whenever I went by – always an excellent sign!! They were constantly bringing out new plates as nothing lasted very long when they were busy.



Tuna Tatare, Dried Salted Cod, Egg Yolk and Flower Petals, Pistachio


Smoked Swordfish, Shrimp Artichoke and Truffle, Octopus, and the Egg Yolk and Flower Petals. Not only was it good, it’s pretty!

A few of the many selections offered each day:

20150929_131413 20150929_131322 20151001_120034


Taglioli Scampi Verdure

Taglioli Scampi Verdure enjoyed by Richard

Pacceri Ragu Di Vitello

Pacceri Ragu Di Vitello enjoyed by Dennie

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Tiramisu enjoyed by Richard and Dennie

What trip to Italy would be complete without Gelato?



Grilled Prawns

Grilled Prawns

Assorted Cheeses

Assorted Cheeses enjoyed by Richard and Dennie

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara enjoyed by Dennie

Scallopini Chicken and Funghi

Scallopini Chicken and Funghi enjoyed by Richard

Penne with pine nut, garlic and basil pesto

Penne with pine nut, garlic and basil pesto

Dinner at L’ Osteria San Barnaba. A very small neighborhood Osteria with locals lining up to make reservations.  What a wonderful place right on our Calle, Lunga de San Barnaba, The chef served each patron repeating what had been ordered, telling you to enjoy, in Italian of course!  He also came when the meal was done, asking how it was and cleared the table.  I found this to be a fantastic touch, so personal.


Tagliatelle con Cappesante e pesto di pistacchi Tagliatelle with scallops and Pistachio pesto


A Trattoria in Campo San Margherita

20150928_153707 20150928_153647

Mushroom Slice

Mushroom Slice

Foccacia Pizza

Foccacia Pizza – tomato and olives

Mushroom with spicy sausage

Mushroom with spicy sausage

Prosciutto Cicchetti

My first Cicchetti – Prosciutto and I don’t remember what else now, but it was delicious!! This is from El Chioschetto on the Zattere. While I was eating, the young man that checked us into our apartment stopped for an espresso and said I picked a great place to eat. It certainly was

Let us not forget the outdoor venues located throughout Venezia.  Fresh and in season is key to Italian cuisine. One thing to remember when shopping at any outdoor market, do not help yourself, or touch any of the items. It is frowned upon and believe me, when an unsuspecting tourist (not me, I knew better) does so, the shop keeper quickly puts a stop to it.  I arrived at the Rialto Market late in the morning so I didn’t get to experience the total atmosphere – again, another reason to return as I see it. There were still quite a few of the produce vendors to be found. The market was about half full when I got there.

20150928_112805 20150928_112715 20150928_112702 20150928_112613

Fish being sold in Campo Santa Margherita

20150930_132844 20150930_132835 20150930_132824 20150930_132814

Farmer Boat in Campo San Barnaba every day.

20150928_110004 20150928_105953 20150928_105137 20150928_105053

7 thoughts on “The Food of Venice

  1. The food all looks yummy and so colorful! The fish were so cute! You know I’m not a fan of trying foods that I’m not familiar with but I do believe if I were in Italy I would have to try at least a bite of everything. Of course, Gelato would be at every meal. LOL! So many flavors to choose from. I love seeing your food photos. Hope you brought some recipes home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the only new things I tried, were Wild Boar (in Rome) and the Prawns. No Trip yet….next time!
      Gelato was the best in Venezia – Florence was good as well at the famous place Richard and Dennie found. It was awful in Rome – as far as I was concerned, it was sherbet or possibly shaved ice. Tried 3 different places and didn’t really care for any of them.


    • I had forgot to add the name of where I got my first cicchetti – El Chioschetto on the Zattere.

      I could go for one right now or something from Cantione Gia’ Schiavi – I bought some items to try to re-create my own at home this weekend.


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