I Am A Part of the Sea

To feel the power of the sea, is and always has been, a driving force that digs deep into my soul. It makes me feel alive. It soothes me. It makes me feel invincible. Each, hypnotic gathering of sheer indomitable strength that comes with each surge of a wave, makes me feel invigorated.  Simply stated, it makes me feel.

My body, no my soul, aches to be near the sea.  The longing intensifies with each passing month that I am not near the sea.   I have always been drawn to water, most especially the sea.  I have so many vacation photos of oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, streams, and brooks.  I remember my mom would say, ‘Oh, water again. Another picture of water.’ when looking at my photos.  I always found the water when out walking through the woods or in the mountains,  or wherever I happened to be.  I was drawn to it, it always pulled me closer.

These were taken on the coast of Maine, outside of Portland in late October, hurricane season, the effects of which were felt this far North.  (I heard later on the news that the swells were 20 feet high.)  The sea was very rough that day and despite standing quite a ways from the edge and a good 50 feet above the water, I felt the spray, and the thunder in the ground as it came crashing against the side of the bluff I was standing on.  It was invigorating.  It was memorizing.  It was amazing.




The power of crashing waves makes my heart skip a beat.   Then it begins to pound in my chest and then it soars.  The power in those waves sends a rush that spreads like a blanket of warmth throughout my body.  And in that moment, I find peace in that tumultuous ocean.  I find tranquility in that ocean.   I am soothed by that ocean.  It is an incredible feeling and one that I find is becoming increasingly more vital to my being.  Without it, I feel an emptiness. I feel incomplete.  I feel a sense of uneasiness and restlessness.

The soothing, silky waves, and sand beaches of Southern California are just as vital to me.  These lull me to a place of peace and tranquility. I know!  I said the same of the crashing surf of Maine right?  But somehow, peace and tranquility is brought simply by being near the sea, be it a calm one or an angry one.   To just sit peacefully, near the sea, and do nothing, to be in the moment, that is when I truly feel most comforted, most alive.  I feel the power and magnitude of the sea and I can’t help but feel a bit invincible myself.

The misty, silky waves in San Diego.



This is something I found recently that I wrote over 30 years ago –

Constant, rolling, crashing, thundering, never ceasing,
For even on the calmest of days,
There is yet a single wave.
If the waves cease, shall we too cease to be?
The wave is always there.
Sometimes brash, sometimes serene
We too are sometimes boisterous yet calm
Ah yes, the wave is a lot like ourselves
Except the wave will always be.

We are meant to be for only a short period of time.

Not so the wave, she is for evermore
The wave dares ships to take her on
to smash into her and try to take
the life from beneath her,
Yet she shows no fear.

The wave knows no fear in any of her dares.
We dare life to challenge us and,
we too show no fear in our dare.

Yet nothing can stop the wave,
she beckons anyone or anything to try.
We can be stopped,
death comes all too soon.

There is no death for the Wave
Perhaps we live on in the Wave.



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