Twistedly Beautiful

The first time I saw these trees was in 2013 on a trip to Santa Monica; specifically Palisades Park.  They have a few names.  I like the name Showy Honey Myrtle the best.  I like it much more than its other names; Pink Melaleuca or Australian Tea Tree.  They are showy that is for sure.  … Continue reading Twistedly Beautiful


The Wrong Donations – Some Tough Words on Disaster Relief

Something to ponder. Some thoughts folks may not consider. As she said hearts are in the right place, but ….

My Best Laid Plans

I need to make a statement. I want to say it as kindly and gently as possible, but this message really needs to get out there. It’s important. Please hear me with as much grace as you can, because I mean it with all love and gentleness.

My children and I spent hours yesterday sorting the donations that are pouring in. That picture is the mountain we were faced with, and it was still coming. We’re not the only ones. Hundreds (thousands?) of volunteers all across our state are doing the same exact thing. Why? Because your hearts are in theright place.That’s why.

I want to make that abundantly clear. It is beautifully apparent that you are thinking about us and that you want to help us figure this thing out. You are doing anything you can, and that has brought such profound joy to our hearts. I personally…

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Savannah Acres – My Neck of the Woods

My drive to work is 40 minutes each way over back roads in mostly wide open spaces; bean and corn fields. The winds can be fierce in the winter months creating white outs with less than an inch of snow on the ground. Ground outs are also common - at least that's what I call … Continue reading Savannah Acres – My Neck of the Woods