More Views of Old Montreal


City Hall, like many buildings, are lit up at night

City Hall at night




Rue de La Commune runs along the St. Lawrence River. This is the only street along the river, and the hotel I stay at, is the only hotel on this street with the amazing views that I have come to never tire of.

Rue de la Commune


It was Grand Prix week when I was there my last trip



Recognizable images from the 1976 Olympics.

Left from the 1976 Olympics

Bonsecours Market – inside, Québécois, Canadian and aboriginal artwork can be found in the many boutique shops, there are small restaurants inside as well as banquet halls. The building was inaugurated in 1847.



Montreal’s New York Life Insurance Building (also known as the Quebec Bank Building), it was at the time, Montreal’s tallest commercial building with 8 floors


The Centaur Theatre Company is located inside the old Stock Exchange building.


Historic east/west street – Rue Notre Dame

Rue Notre Dame

Bikes for rent along Rue de la Commune

Bikes for Rent

It wasn’t until my 3rd trip that I saw any freight trains using this old rail line. I thought it was all but abandoned, but I just love it. Maybe because my dad is a long time model Railroader? Or is it the clickety-clack of the train down the track that is just so classic?




Rue St. Paul had been blocked off at Place Jacques Cartier early in the morning with guards posted, big trucks and lots of electric cable laying in the street.  I asked what was going on and was told they were filming the movie, The Walk. The previous day I had seen signs on different streets letting people know when that street would be closed. I had never heard of the movie so I didn’t give it a lot of thought. The day before I’d been talking to the guys at the front desk and they said that Hugh Jackman had been in town filming the next Wolverine movie. Darn! I missed him.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt filming the movie The Walk. I took these through the door of my hotel as they were not allowing anyone access to the street while filming. They did this shot over and over and over. I stopped watching after about 45 minutes. Each time they shot it, the entire scene had to be recreated, the extras in place, the street had to be wet down, cars brought back and placed on the street. They even went so far to wipe the bottom of Joseph’s shoes each time. Quite tedious.


They didn’t have the side street blocked off for this shot, and I stepped into the street to get the photo. Filming did NOT stop, and the thing he is riding on, turned onto the side street, and almost hit me as I stood in the street taking a picture.  My big break – almost literally! ha ha


Some of the cars they used for filming


As seen from my window  Quay Jacques-Cartier and Cirque du Soleil.  Cirque du Soleil was here in 2012 and 2014.



Marche’ Bonsecours and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours



Classic look of a Parisian Artist

Classic look of a Parisian Artist



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  1. In all of your travels you have certainly tasted many different kinds of foods. You have a palate for the finest cuisine! I love seeing first the full plate and then the empty plate! LOL! I love when you get home you create your own version of some of the foods you’ve eaten. You should create your own cookbook!

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