Off To Rome I Go!


While Rome was not my first choice of places to visit in Italy, I tended to agree with the sentiment; ‘If you are going to Italy, you should see Rome’.  So see Rome I did. Well, some of it anyway. One of the reasons that I wasn’t real interested in the city was I knew that it was going to be very busy, congested, loud, crowded, lots of traffic, did I mention lots of people?!?  I am not a crowd type of person. I don’t have the patience for it. Nor do I like feeling as though I am part of a herd of cattle. I don’t like the ‘every man for himself’ concept of pushing and shoving.  I don’t like the rudeness that it brings out in myself as a result of this. I just plain don’t like crowds.

That being said, I did venture to the Vatican City but I did not go into the Vatican Museums, or Saint Peter’s Basilica. I do regret not going inside St. Peter’s however. I did go to some of the other well known areas, but I didn’t stick around long.  We don’t have public transportation where I live other than the train so it isn’t something that I am familiar with. I use Public transportation very little when I travel because I would much rather walk around a city. I would much rather get a feel for the area by walking through it and seeing it, smelling it, close up.  You can’t do that from a bus, or a subway.  So I didn’t use it very much while in Rome. I did however take a bus one day when returning from the Victor Emmanuel Monument and that made for a fun ‘side trip’, and I am being sarcastic here. It is funny now, it was not at the time.

My travels in Rome were 95% what I was able to do on foot from our apartment located 1 block off Piazza del Popolo. Now, if you have read any of my Blog up to this point, you know that I have Multiple Sclerosis and it does limit me. Two of the biggest hurdles is my not being able to lift my left leg more than 2 inches off the ground and my having to look at the ground while I am walking.  Both of these things require a lot of extra effort and strength/energy on my part. Especially the leg, as it tires, it becomes very difficult to walk. I knew going into this vacation that there would be a lot of walking regardless if I used public transportation or not. That is the nature of Italy. I knew that there would be a lot of uneven pavement, hills, stairs etc. I knew that it was going to be physically challenging for me and I likened it to Old Montreal, Quebec.  So I was somewhat prepared for the challenge, but it proved to be a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated.  It meant my having to go back to the apartment, in each city, to rest that darn leg more often than I wanted to.

The day I leave for my dream trip to Italy, the day I have been waiting 43 years for, has finally arrived!!!  Let the adventure begin!!!  The real dream is of course Venice.  But before I can get to Venice, I must go through Rome and Florence.

So here we go, off to Rome and beyond. ANDIAMO!!!   ROME DAY 1


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