The Stars Align

Earlier this year I talked about putting on my Big Girl Pants in regards to having to do better at planning for retirement.  I also talked about how Italy as always, just keeps tugging at my heart and soul. I knew I just had to go back, but would I be able to?  Well, lo … Continue reading The Stars Align

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Recently I came to the realization that I had to put my 'big girl pants' on. It was time I started being more of a grown up. I'm talking about, retirement. It is not that far away and I am not ready financially. I waited way too long to get serious about saving money.  I'm … Continue reading Growing Up Is Hard To Do

The Kindness of Strangers While in Rome

On two occasions while in Rome, I was on the receiving end of kindness, understanding and compassion from 3 total strangers. 1 who spoke no English and 2 who spoke limited English.  I was a guest in their country after all and there was no reason for them to speak my language.  And yet, each of … Continue reading The Kindness of Strangers While in Rome

Venice, The Temptress

8 Days. In just 8 days I will be on my way to Roma, Italy. I am having a difficult time believing it is actually happening. I mean, after all these years, is it really and truly almost time to leave? Although the dream was of course, to visit Venice, that will be in 16 days. Ah... yes, Venice you know you are a Temptress!