About Me

Welcome to my new Blog.  I decided to create a Blog where I can write about things as they pop into my head on any subject. Some may be long, some may be short, kind of like a diary, or journal.  Isn’t that kind of what a Blog is anyway?   I realized I had not been writing anything in my old blog for several months now because well,  I didn’t really like how it was laid out – yes that would be my fault. I also realized that most of my posts were very lengthy.  I am not sure how much that will change as it has always been my downfall…

I like the idea of a blog, but I am much more adept at a website and the structure of a website to be honest.  I used to design websites, writing the code longhand in a text editor,  having had a total of 8 sites between my own and various Theatre companies, but that was a few years ago.  Technology has changed and as we all know, changes constantly.  Blogging seems to be the ‘it thing’ these days but I find myself still fumbling along so I ask that you bear with me.  You might even find that you visit this blog one day, and a week later, it looks entirely different – LOL.

My passion? Travel.  Were I independently wealthy, I would spend all of my time travelling.  I travel solo most of the time.  I like it like that most of the time. However, lately I have been more inclined to wish I had a travel partner.  My goal is to travel as a local, not as a tourist.  So much so that when I am in Boston? I find myself constantly referring to those, ‘darn tourists!’  ha ha

I have driven across the Untied States to both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts,to Canada, to Florida and just about everywhere in between. I’ve driven for 36 hours in one stretch; alone, across lone, very desolate stretches of roads in the middle of nowhere with nothing but tumbleweeds.   Hello Wyoming!!! I have come face to face with White Line Fever. It ain’t fun let me tell you!

Italy….. you will see much written about Italy here.  I am convinced that I have Italian blood flowing through my veins despite being German/Irish. I finally made my first trip in 2014 and cannot wait to return.

Cooking.. love to cook.  I also love to eat. I find myself eating things that I never would have dreamed of eating when I am on vacation. I make a point of trying something new  on each trip.  After all, part of experiencing what a city/culture is all about is through their food.

The Sea. I need to be near the sea. I have to visit the sea any chance I get. I don’t feel healthy unless I have had my fix of being near the sea. Did I mention that I love the sea?

Writing, of any kind – I love to write!  this should come as no surprise by now with the copious amounts of verbiage on this Blog 🙂   My mom said as soon as I was able to hold a pencil, I was “writing” on any piece of paper I could get a hold of.

To that end, I begin anew.  I hope that you will find something that peaks your interest on these pages and  follow along.   I really hope that you will comment on things too.  Good or bad, I welcome it all.

Life is short. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!









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